TeamMBUK need you!

The Clic24 is just around the corner and we're on the final count down!

Two for a quid! Bargain!

It’s probably best that you listen to this whilst reading this blog.


That’s us now, the hour is near and we’re getting our final preparations sorted for the Clic24. Our race numbers arrived this morning and we’ve booked ourselves in for a hog roast and camping on Friday night. Make of that what you will.

I’ve has been charged with ‘transport and mechanical supplies’ whilst Jamer is heading up ‘sponsorship and housing’.

So far then I’ve blagged a portable washer from What Mountain Bike and bought a couple of loaves of Soreen and Jamer has got a tent. Mega!

Anyway, we’ll be Twittering live from the Clic24 this weekend so that all you twatterers can keep up with our suffering LIVE!

In the mean time though, please help us raise some money for Clic Sargent by pledging some quids here. Everything we raise will go straight to helping children with cancer and their families. It doesn’t have to be a wad of cash – just stick us the price of a pint in and feel good in the knowledge that you’re helping people who really need it.


Now, has anyone seen my collapsable deck-chairs…