The crap in my bag

Why on earth do I cycle 30 miles a day with this stuff on my back?


My daily commute into the office always means carrying a pack for spare clothes and the like. In fact it’s rare these days that I ride without something strapped to my back – I’m either commuting or mountain biking at the weekend. I look at it as a useful training aid for when I get to ride without anything strapped to my back.


Any who, it wasn’t until this morning whilst scrambling around for a pair of post-shower shreddies (underpants) that I noticed the unbelievable amount of choss I bring in every day.

Seriously, I thought my wife’s handbag was bad, all is forgiven. The crap in my bag easily outdoes hers. Falling into two main categories: remotely useful and matmoss I certainly wouldn’t want to be the paramedic cataloguing this little lot when they have to scrape me off the front of a car:

1 x pair old underpants
1 x pair new/clean underpants
1 x pair clean socks
1 arm warmer
1 x Old ipod with a flat battery
1 x micro pump
1 x slightly bigger micro pump
1 x cheque book last used in 2005 to pay the milk man
Assorted business cards of people I don’t need business cards for
1 x mobile phone charger
1 x heated insole charger
1 x remote for insoles
1 x iShuffle, no headphones
2 x image disks
1 x gilet
1 x big bunch of work keys
1 x smaller bunch of house keys
1 x smelly t-shirt
1 x cycle cap
1 x tub of hair product
1 x wallet
1 x spare front light, uncharged
1 x mini bag containing showerproof, multitool, tube, patches and spare links
3 x drift punches – nice, I was looking for those
1 x pair of lightweight overshoes
Loose change £1.50 and €2
1 x Leatherman
1 x Lockknife – why I need this I have no idea
1 x Patch kit
2 x light brackets, no lights
1 x mobile phone

This scared me. I’m sure it’s some sort of snapshot of my life (Ed – what, full of crap and disorganised?). The thing is even after emptying, taking a photo and writing this blog you know what I’m going to do? Stick it right back in my bag and keep riding with it.


Incidentally the Wingnut bag I use to carry this lot around with me every day is excellent. Feel free to leave a list of stuff that you carry. Please, it may make me feel better.