The Great MBUK 10 Cakes in 10 Minutes Challenge

See how Art Editor Jamer got on when he came face to face with his frosted destiny...

Working at MBUK isn’t all about bashing keyboards and riding the latest and greatest MTB metal. No, sometimes we take breaks to discuss politics, save the environement and eat a lot of cakes…


Collins Boy mentioned the other day that his mate’s best challenge was 10 cakes in 10 minutes. Foolishly, a certain stuffed mammal loving idiot piped up and declared it ‘easy’. 

The rules were simple; 10 cakes, 10 minutes, dealers choice. We choose the cakes, he eats them in the set time frame. Simple.

The line up was purchased from Greggs and went something like this;

1. Custard Tart – Not as easy as it would seem, potentially eggy.    

2. Lardy Cake – It’s called a LARDY cake…’nuf said.

3. Flapjack – The first of ‘the big three’, stodgy and chewy – the professional cake eater’s worst nightmare!

4. Flake Cake – Fluffy yet substantial.

5. Rice Krispie Bun – a British classic that would bring some much needed crunch to the table.

6. Jam Doughnut – The second of ‘the big three’, heavy, jammy and a lot of cake.     

7. Chocolate and Cream Muffin – The third and final in the trilogy. Collins Boy reckoned it to be ‘light’ he was lying.

8. Apple Turnover Thing – Hidden danger.

9. Yum Yum – Technically, a gift due to its ‘straight-in’ design.

10. Iced Doughnut – Tried and tested super-sweet doughnut.

The initial pace showed promise and there were some top-notch techniques employed. Smashing the Rice Krispie bun then hoovering up the dust was nothing short of genius. 

Sadly though, even with Collins Boy and Ric manning the water and paper-removal and Doddy hurling abuse, the wee man’s dreams crumbled like a stale Battenburg. When the clock hit ten the muffin and flapjack remained. 

It was a great effort though and we’re all very proud if a bit disgusted…


“I’m going home to watch Eastenders and sleep a bit…I’ll do it next week though!” – Jamer