The joys of the van/bike interface

A morning commute enlivened


I have to admit I’ve been feeling a bit of a fraud since joining CPlus. In my first four weeks on the team I managed a grand total of zero miles on the bike.


I blame it on a combination of laziness, a new job 100-miles away from home, laziness, living in hotels and laziness.

Today, though, I feel like a cyclist again and it’s all thanks to my commute. Okay, the commute itself wouldn’t make anybody feel like a cyclist – it’s 2.5 miles at best – but I’ve rediscovered one of the many joys that comes with riding a bike. This morning I called a van driver a…well, you can probably guess. It was a typical van/bike interface incident. I’m riding along…van revs engine behind…van overtakes…van sees oncoming car…van swerves into me…I swerve into bushes at side of road.


Obviously, I’m not going to take this lying down so I chase said van man down, swearing heartily. As I skid rather clumsily alongside him I fully expect one of the swearing contests that were virtually daily occurences between van drivers and me when I rode in London. Then a funny thing happened – the man in the van apologised. And I felt guilty for turning the air blue. Well, a little bit guilty. Cycling 1 – Vans O!