The Kona Mash-Up powered by Mountain Biking UK

Your chance to take on MBUK's Doddy, Ian and the team at Afan Forest, Wales...

This Saturday, 30 August is your chance to pit yourselves against our very own Doddy and the MBUK team as they roast themselves silly round the White’s Level trail at the Glyncorrwg Ponds in Afan Forest in an attempt to post half decent times at the Kona Mash-Up event.


Essentially an Enduro event along the lines of a rally stage, the Mash-Up involves riding White’s Level and beasting yourself silly on the timed sections. There are two categories to compete in – Enduro and Technical. Entry costs just £30 and there’ll be a finishing party and finishing prize for all entrants. We’ll also be giving special MBUK awards to the best, gnarliest and most spirited riders.

These categories are:

Mini Masher – We don’t just want to see older riders flying, we want to see younger riders totally off the hook! If you’re there, you’re young and you’re mashing it up, you just might win…

Master Masher – We’re expecting to see a fair few of the more mature riders raring to show the young guys how to do it. If you use your wisely age to kick ass, then this prize may be for you.

Thrash Hounds – There’s always someone that pins it. Up, down, along, whatever. So we’re putting up an award for the guy or girl who flies along like no one else. We ‘re looking for aggro style – letting it all hang out – but with speed. You know if this one applies to you.

MBUK Grand Mashter – Enduro events are largely about comradeship. Everyone’s there for a laugh and a good ride. So we’ll be making a special award for the person that we think really carries the spirit of the Mash-Up.

The event is gonna be killer, so why not join our boys for a bit of shredding and see how fast you can go over our special killer section – MBUK’s Highway to Hell. You’ll also get the opportunity to rub it in if you better our guys’ times – although their list of excuses will be long and distinguished, so be warned!

Find out more online at or check out the latest mag.

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£30 gets you entrance to your choice of the Tech or Enduro event, as well as parking and use of the facilities – chip timing, finishing party, finishing gift and a free bike service.


For more details and to download an entry form check out /mash-up/