The madness continues…

Callum Jelly's one of MBUK's more extreme testers, but he's currently on a global pilgrimage in search of the holy trail...

Hey, how’s it going?


It’s all good out in New Zealand- that’s for sure! We are staying in a place called Wanaka, which is about an hour away from Queenstown– and so we decided to go and ride some of the local trails in a place called Sticky forest.  

One man and his machine: callum, in the flesh
Cal Jelley

By local I mean local! The woods are about 5 minutes away from anywhere in Wanaka and are plastered with trails like veins- criss-crossing and interlinking throughout the entire forest.  

Me, Dan B and Glenn pushed up through the network of trails to the top trying to decide on which combination of track we were going to ride down knowing full well that we would end up going wherever our bikes wanted us to go!  After a few runs we decided to get some cornering practice in and found this great short fast right-hander into a long tight left into a really hard flat 180 degree right!  

Hike a bike: the only way is up..
Cal Jelley

It was a brilliant combo of corners and great practice for some off the brakes driftage.  We soon aced the first two corners but the flat right-hander was like a wild beast- untameable!  

Whether we went out wide and used what was left of a berm or tried to hold on through the inside we never seemed to be able to stick with as much speed as we wanted.  Dan B came so very close, determined to hold the inside line with both feet on the pedals. He kept and it and we got some great shots of him right on the edge.

Bwaaaarp: hangtime in nz
Cal Jelley

After an awesome morning’s session in the forest we picked up local downhill girl Theresa and headed over to Queenstown to ride a track called Remarkables.  It’s a really fast track, more downhill race track than anything we have ridden so far and as a bonus it has a really easy gravel access road up to it so shuttling is fast and simple meaning lots of runs and no pushing back up!  The four of us had a great time just doing run after run and swapping driving duties each time. Driving the van with bike trailer behind is almost as fun as the riding, drifting around the gravel turns and trying not to hit all the braking bumps in the road which have a nasty habit of sending the van out of control and usually off the road.  We sessioned this great high-speed dropped right hander until it got dark- we decided to leave because Theresa is out-doing us all and is just hucking over all the rough stuff far better than anyone!

After another epic day we relaxed back at Dan the boy’s place with a cold beer and jokeed about who blew out the most corners, and the usual banter between the pommy (me) and the Aussie (Dan B).  

Off to bed then with dreams of fast dusty turns and shredding through the Playboy mansion (Glenn’s recurring nightmare!) !! Next up is Heli biking day which promise’s to be epic!

Yeah!: you know it’s going to be rad!
Cal Jelley

Until next time, Cal…….

Hasta la vista!: until next time…
Cal Jelley