The MBUK crew hit the trails…

A great group ride around Bath


Skins and myself are always out riding and testing, but it’s rare that the whole team get out together- deadlines looming constantly means getting out riding can be hard for the Art and Production folk.


When our new Ed Danny started recently, me and Jamer bullied him in to making us go for a group ride at the end of every issue- our first ride of many kicked off yesterday and it was ace. (from the left- Norf, Shim, me, Matt T, Jamer, Danny, Ruth and Matt C)


Starting by heading up to the top of Lansdown in Bath nearly ruined a few (un-named..!) riders who didn’t realise what an arsehole of a climb it is. Jamer and myself venture up here a fair bit, so with the aid of a map, a good route was planned out, taking us into most of the valleys in the area- with suitably ace descents and monster climbs…

As with any group ride, there were a few mechanicals- luckily I was playing Dad and had a toolkit with me big enough to build a fleet of bikes from scratch. Matt Cole – our online monkey was the first to suffer from a poxy puncture.


Jamer got to work getting a few snaps, whilst amusing himself. Nice hair.


Casualties are also common on big rides as people feel the need to show off- I went hammering don one of the faster descents and hit a deep boggy patch which sent me into a tank-slap that I managed to get out of by having a sit down in a puddle of cow shit. Lovely.

Just as I got up, Jamer hit the same patch and sailed straight over the bars. How I laughed…

And then on the same descent, Matt T tested out his new SPD’s by toppling into the bushes after a river crossing!


Pub stops are compulsory on long rides out in the country- you always find the best little pubs tucked away- this one was near Wick, and the food smelled amazing…


Drink Badger bitter- it’s a good proper local beer. Mmmmm…


They may have looked happy here, but five minutes later we were riding up a proper lung-buster, and were dreading being sacked having taken our Ed to the limit. He did not look impressed, but relished it later on over a pub lunch back in Bath. Bring on the next ride…