The MBUK Playlist (3)

Collins Boy reveals his fave riding tracks. We would bring you Jamer's but all he could say was 'Beastie Boys' over and over again.

Collins Boy's choices left the office pinemartin in shock

You may be pro or anti headphones when it comes to riding, but there’s no denying some tunes make pedalling that much more fun.


We’ve asked the MBUK chaps what their fave tracks are. Turns out Ian likes a drop of the hard stuff…

Collins Boy’s Top 5

1. Aphrodite – Stalker

A legendary bit of jungle from the all time master, wait for it to kick in and feel the motivation.

2. Metallica – Whiplash

I don’t ever drive to this coz it I’d end up going backwards through a hedge. On the bike is a different matter though. Nothing like a bit of guitar axe work to get you going.

3. Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar

A great tune, with a BPM perfect for riding, and a chilled feel. Sunny days only though.

4. Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy

Hard and nasty electronica with a rock edge. What more do you need to rip trails to.

5. Plan B – Sick 2 Def


When the legs are burning and you want to forget it his dark but humorous lyrics definitely distract.