The postman’s kicked the door down this morning…

We get bags of kit knocking it's way through the door here at MBUK towers, but we've been on the busy side since Fort William last weekend to let you know about it. However, here a whole bunch of stuff that's infested the office today...

Mule energy bars are some of the few bars that actually taste nice. They have a moist texture and are pretty hefty weight to them- always re-assuring.  As I’m writing this I’m munching through the Mango Tango- which is awesome. It’s fruity, tangy and very more-ish. A rarity for energy bars…


Check them out here

Tasty as well as energy giving
MMMMMMMMMMMULE: tasty as well as energy giving

Next up, Rapid Racer products have come out of no-where with their innovative answer to avoid slapping a cumbersome inner tube on the front of your bike to stop the spray. Made from neoprene they clean easy and stop the spray like nowt else. Wreckermended- and now in new colourways…

Get them from here

Loud and proud
Now available with neon…: loud and proud

What did I tell you all about Orange stuff taking over the market? Here’s Acros’s Orange Freeride bottom bracket with stainless steel cartridge bearings (also available with Ceramic bearings for all you trick monkeys)…

Check them out on this website

Not Terry's, it's mine
What did i say?: not terry’s, it’s mine

And here’s a bunch of Disco slippers- we’re all partial to the entry level silver number- pimping!

These shoes weren;t made for walking
Disco: these shoes weren;t made for walking
But like Beckham
Budget: but like beckham
Good for most conditions
Basic sole: good for most conditions
Mega stiff and efficient
Top flight: mega stiff and efficient
Great in mud, shite on marble floors
Solid sole: great in mud, shite on marble floors

And Ogio‘s ‘Realtree camo’  bag for that ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ when out bashing along the singletrack…

Kitchen sink out of shot
Cool camo eh?: kitchen sink out of shot

And FSA’s Gravity handlebar- 800mm long. That’s 31.5in. THIRTY ONE POINT BLOODY FIVE inches wide! Insane!

Not to fight it
Designed to go as fast as…: not to fight it

Oh, and a trusty pair of DX shoes to replace my beloved and battered grey ones that just died…

Good for another four years...
Simple: good for another four years…
And you can walk in them
These are grippy on and off-road: and you can walk in them