The RAAM is about to become reality.

Paul Molyneux and Team Sharp4Prostate are almost ready to roll...

Last chance saloon! One day to go, its now or never, no turning back, no chance, no way.


Still a lot to do today. The crew went to recce stage one and familiarise themselves with the route. The riders went with Andrew Evans, our soigneur as he started to look at our bodies with the RAAM in mind. Now Andrew has seen many fit, athletic, supple bodies in his time; unfortunately these were not the first thoughts that came to his mind when he first laid his hands on us. He could tell from the start of the massage that we were not hydrated enough, but what was really clever was he could also tell us that we were going to suffer!

Our borrowed Rapha Condor Sharp soigneur
Our borrowed rapha condor sharp soigneur : our borrowed rapha condor sharp soigneur
Paul Molyneux

Having suffered for our art it was then time to go shopping and get provisions for the first couple of days. Andrew was there to quality check what went into the cart. The healthiest shop ever seen, not an E number or preservative in sight (well not when Andrew was looking).

Shopping done and stashed on the bus we then got everything ready for the official inspection. All the vehicles, bikes and rider kit have to be checked and approved by the race officials before any team is allowed to race. Pre inspection done we took the hire car back and made our way to Oceanside beach for the inspection and crew meeting.

Sat behind the Sir Steve Redgrave Crew at the briefing session and stared at Steve’s shoulder for an hour.

Sir Steve Redgrave listens to some sage advice...
Sir steve redgrave listens to some sage advice…: sir steve redgrave listens to some sage advice…
Paul Molyneux

Slight problem with the lights on the trailer held us up this afternoon but there are no major issues. We are off for our last supper (and unfortunatey a healthy one)

The next blog will be about day one of the race, at last….

Team Sharp4Prostate are four self-confessed middle aged men – Paul Molyneux, Karl Chandler, Dan Broom and Adam Denton – who are to tackle this year’s 3000-mile Race Across America (RAAM) in a bid to raise £100,000 for The Prostate Cancer Charity. You can follow them on Twitter too – click here!


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