The Wrecking Crew hit Esher Shore!

Some harder than others ...

Esher Shore in deepest poshest Surrey was the latest stop on the Wrecking Crew’s schedule last Thursday. 


The Mercedes Vito Sport did its usual job of gobbling up a ridiculous amount of bikes and cakes at silly o’clock in the morning. Jamer, Doddy, Weavs and myself then hit the motorway and blasted past Stonehenge. We met up with Corsair’s Chris Smith in the car park and promptly got the bikes out and hit the pump track.

It was my first time over there and I thought it was pretty cool. The sun was shining, Freeborn Bikes had the tunes blaring and everyone was having fun. Right up until Jamer smashed himself into the ground.

The little ‘un had been clearing a set of pump-track doubles all morning and then somehow managed to have a massive stack on them. Bent bars, mangled brake levers, a gaping hole in each hand, completely black thigh – everything.

Anyway, we patched him up and got on with the rest of the shoot. If I’m honest, I’d half expected not to enjoy Esher that much – I’m not the world‘s biggest North Shore fan and tend to crash a lot.

It was really cool though. I could probably bang on about ‘expanding your riding horizons’, etc, but I’m not going to bore you! Esher was an amazing day out and if you’re ever down that way and fancy checking it out it’s well worth a look. The pump-track is worth it alone – just take her handy on those doubles …


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