This week’s credit crunch bargain

How to protect your bike and your relationships

A trusty bike bag from Merida

This week’s credit crunch bargain is a padded bike bag.  


Ok, so my personal Neil Pryde bike bag goes a penny shy of the hundred quid limit, but it’s worth it, because

  1. it helps me to easily slide the Yeti in and out of the rear of the car
  2. it ensures that I don’t scrape my precious bike against my mates’ equally precious bikes
  3. it’s got wheel bags, so I can stow the complete bike safely on the back seat without worrying about ‘having little accidents’
  4. a shoulder strap comes in handy when carrying your bike and wheels         
  5. it’s still a lot cheaper than having the car repeatedly valeted to get rid of oily stains

Too expensive? Don’t despair! There are cheaper bike bags out there, too…

They are invariably cheaper only because they are less padded or don’t have undercarriage wheels, neither of which matters if you don’t regularly take your bike on a plane.  Check out, for example, Wiggle’s own DHB brand.

You can also get a Greasebag, a rather nifty chainset/rear mech bag that stops oily leakage in the rear of your car, but not frame scrapes.

There are loads of other relatively cheap items to limit mountain bike related  grease, oil, dirt and wet from ruining your car – From garden waste tidy type sheets that cover the rear boot area of your car, to covering the same area in cardboard (that would have otherwise been discarded from Swedish flat packed furniture purchases).

The bottom line with the products I’ve reviewed over the course of these recent sub hundred quid challenges is that they all help save arguments with wives and parents, and limit the amount of disgruntled or embarrassed looks that you get from your pets and children.  And, you know what? You can’t put a price on that now, can you!


Got some other cheap tips yourselves? Then feel free to drop a comment below.