This year we promise to…

...break all our resolutions super fast

Ian wants to look like this...

OK, so we realise there’s probably no point, but I guess we all need something to feel guilty about.


MBUK New Year’s resolutions – for what they’re worth! Plus a few updates on last year’s…


  • Ride more
  • Drink less
  • Learn how to do a decent whip, before they go out of fashion

And last year’s…

  • Learn to do decent whips – sound familiar?
  • Learn the ‘Bubba Scrub’.
  • Ride a hardtail bike off-road more often.
  • Stop spending more money than I earn. 
  • Make my Scott Gambler the right side of 45lbs
  • Ride Trowbridge skate-park.
  • Eat more fruit.


  • Surf more
  • Ride more
  • Play at Bristol’s Harbourside festival
  • Stop spending money before I’ve earned it! (sounds like you’re borrowing one from Ian – Rosee)
  • Do my second 10k race

And last year’s…

  • Get on a bike more than twice a year 
  • Play more gigs, including taking El Wristo to El Bristo 
  • Avoid falling victim of the rock’n’roll death age (aka, The 27 Club) by not dying before I reach 28 – still here!
  • Cross some things off my ‘things to do before I’m 30 list’ – yep, still not inhaled helium though
  •  Not be too smug about having a three-month holiday from January 
  • Run more often/run 10k regularly 
  • Be extremely vigilant for all instances of ‘chilli fun’ – we all did really well, until Terry caught the entire MBUK office out with his ‘death sauce’.


  • To make up for a winter spent on the sidelines/sofa by riding my bike more than ever.
  • Finish building my BMX in time for the summer.
  • Learn how to go properly fast on a carbon hardtail.

And last year’s…

  • Ride my big bike more 
  • Get a fast car 
  • Build the lightest Iron Horse Sunday ever – sub 40lbs in the end 
  • Create the best sandwich man has ever known – many attempts, but no final verdict


  • To get out and ride more
  • To sort the brakes out on my commuter bike before it kills me
  • To clean my hardtail straight away rather than leaving it covered in mud post ride and paying the price later