Totem pole of death

The MBUK boys go one better

OK, remember how we asked you to send us your human totem pole pics?


Well, the guys were at Chicksands yesterday, shooting with UK freerider extraordinaire Chris Smith, when talk turned to last week’s high jinks at Afan Forest.

Next, thing, they’re all clambering over each other in a bid to create an even higher, stupider totem.

And they succeeded. In order of ascent, Chris Smith, Doddy, Jamer, Ric and Weaver. Wouldn’t want to be up that high, personally.

Can you beat the MBUK five man totem pole? If so, email your evidence* to Best effort wins a box of stuff we’ve got lying around the office.

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* Doctors notes and x-rays of broken bones do not count as evidence. It probably goes without saying, but only attempt the MBUK totem pole if you’ve got a soft place to land…And you trust the guy on the bottom.