Tour champ and art editor in collar break coincidence

Art editor Warren Rossiter won seven Tours de hold on that was Lance Armstrong. Anyway, they're currently both nursing broken collarbones.

Hey Warren it hurts doesn't it?

There must be something in the air – both here and in Spain. A few weeks ago I had a lucky escape when I dropped my bike on a bend. I suffered some fetching road rash and lots of bruising but it’s all pretty much cleared up. (Although I do still look like I’m wearing blusher on one cheek…maybe I am)


Anyway, on Sunday I received a text message from art editor Warren telling me he’d chewed Tarmac too. The plucky little fella struggled into work on Monday but, feeling a bit woozy, got himself off to A & E. Result: a fractured collarbone and a couple of cracked ribs. (That’s a result of the crash, not the trip to A & E.)

Yesterday Lance Armstrong came a cropper too.”I’m alive! Broken clavicle (right). Hurts like hell for now…” was his Tweet after a visit to a Spanish hospital.


Coincidence? Er, yeah of course it was. I doubt Lance’s broken clavicle had much to do with an old rugby injury. But it does go to show that riding bikes can be a bit hairy. That said, even though a car that costs less than a decent road bike has been launched, I’m pretty sure Lance, Woz and I won’t be giving up anytime soon.