Tour de France Prologue Blog

The majesty, mayhem and excitement of Le Tour in the flesh.


Well this is it the majesty, mayhem and excitement of Le Tour in the flesh. There’s nothing London enjoys more than a spectacle and the Tour really knows how to provide one – London and the Tour de France were made for each other, makes you wonder what took them so long to get together.


Mind you I’m writing this from BikeRadar’s London Tour HQ, sounds grand, and it is grand…ish the first floor landing of the Royal Aeronautical Society just off Park Lane, somewhere close by there is a balcony overlooking the action. Our man is Jeff Jones is perched high above writing our live race reports from the club lounge of the Inter Continental. Right I’m off to sample the atmosphere on the streets…

Right, just back from sampling the atmosphere. Fantastic! Thousands of people, hundreds of thousands, soaking up the sun and the magic of a great day’s cycling. Everyone is cheering as the riders fly past. But even with giant screens dotted around the course such is the size of the crowd that only the lucky or those prepared to get up early get a really good view. Where there’s a will though: I spot a guy with his bike locked to a lampost while he stands with one foot on the saddle and the other on his rack getting a clear view over the throng. His mate holds on to the lampost in a permanent trackstand, not so far to fall but it must be a hell of job to keep up – not surprisingly he looks a fairly fit fella. Everyone goes mad as Millar goes past, everyone goes madder for Wiggins. They won’t be wearing yellow tomorrow but it isn’t for lack of trying. Cancellara though simply storms around the course there is no doubt that this is his day.


What else to tell? Loads of really interesting bikes to see, not just being ridden by the pros (Jez will be posting pics later), we survive our first live report, just. At times it was like being in a scene from one of those Hollywood blockbusters where the plane is hurtling towards the ground and at the very last moment it pulls up and flies.
Roger, wilco and out!