Training weekend

Ric starts taking the Clic24 seriously… And has a pint to celebrate.

Bath in the sun.

As I write this I’ve just done a mental ‘systems check’ and I’m pretty sure everything hurts. Knees, ankles, thighs, shoulders, lower back, neck, arms – in fact, the one thing that doesn’t hurt is my bad wrist. I guess I should probably be thankful for that at least.


The source of the pain? My longest weekend’s worth of riding in a long time. With the Swiss Army away at the weekend I had a green light to really try and put some serious mileage in before the Clic24 race we’ve signed up for.

Saturday was all about a sizeable four hour XC ride all round Bath. Nothing new, just sessioning our local trails as fast as possible and breaking stuff down a bit. This was going well until about an hour into it and my cassette came loose, mega.

The result was about three useable gears, I was tempted to nip home and fix it but decided that dealing with mechanicals would be inevitable at the Clic. No damage was done and I managed to soldier it out.

Sunday and I hit the BMX track for three hours. It’s the first decent opportunity we’ve had to ride it all year, thanks to the baking temperature it was bone dry and running super-fast.

Quick stop at home for a sausage bap then I grabbed the Transition Covert and headed back out the door in the XC togs. I got to work just sessioning some singletrack descents and in an effort to perfect the ‘Scandinavian flick’ managed to tear my mech off two hours in.

Anyway, that was that and after a bit of zip-tie action it was time to roll back down the hill. It was too nice a day though so a stop at the battle cruiser for a pint and a read at the papers was needed. Good times!

I’ll get some more pedally-not-eating-chips blogs up soon.