TransRockies blog: almost there!

Our honeymooners see light at the end of the tunnel


Wow, we are two very happy honeymooners! Yesterday we were having our best day in 5th place until one ripped tyre and three flats.


Our approach has been to go hard at the start, push the climbs, survive the descents and hope we have given ourselves enough time to avoid being caught by the more technically minded.

Today was the biggest day: 120km with 2500m of climbing! The start was straight up for 4km followed by some sweet single track onto a gravel road. Once on the road we got into a big group strung out for 100m. Through the first checkpoint we pushed it up to the next bunch before we hit the first climb. Today’s climbs were all rideable with only short carry sections. Towards the top we caught today’s 2nd place finishers. The woman was being towed by her partner so we took satisfaction out of passing them with Cat leading the way.

Only two mixed teams passed us on the descent so we had a good position for the next climb. We kept up a good tempo on the second climb, which went on forever. Perfect!

The next descent was overgrown, rocky, loose, steep and Cat rode all of it! Rich got a flat and was upset to find that his new tube had a hole in it. Still, we only lost two places and we pulled one of those back in the last 6km. We finished up in 6th place and really satisfied with our day’s work. The next stop was the pizza store for a well earned feed, followed by a massage and hot tub. We’re writing this slurping a milkshake; isn’t life tough!

Tomorrow is the last day. Shorter but more technical. We don’t care, we have had a great time and will remember this trip for a long time.


Beer tomorrow!