TransRockies blog: Falling down on stage 1

Singletrack shenanigans slow our honeymoon racers

Cat and Richard's war wounds

Today was the shortest stage of the race and Cat decided she would count the number of times she fell off, but she couldn’t keep up with herself.


The first climb was a decent test and led into an hour of hike-a-bike, a 1000m ascent in 2km. Over the pass and we were into a mega descent, kilometre after kilometre of singletrack with over 30 tight switchbacks.

This is where we lost a lot of time and if it wasn’t for all the congratulations we were getting as people saw our just married signs the honeymoon might not have lasted.

Back at the foot of the mountain we wove along a stunning river gorge with short sharp climbs and fun descents.

Tomorrow’s stage is 60km, twice the distance with one section of 50 percent rideable downhill. People said that this race was not on a lot of technical single track, but we don’t believe them anymore.


Rich and Cat