Treating the trails like rubbish

Now and then we all ride on woodland that doesn't belong to us, but as long as the land is treated with respect, most things tend to work out OK...

Every couple of weeks we have a few days out the office frantically shooting products, First Rides and other bits for the magazine- and often we use local spots in Bath.


Today we thought it had been dry enough to venture over to the local DH and jump spot- which most people from Bath will know about. Usually it’s fairly tidy down there, but it looks like a bunch of uneducated idiots have been left to riot up there- trees had been cut down for no apparant reason other than malicous damage, and rubbish was left absolutely everywhere.

Ian and myself took it upon ourselves to sort the mess out this time- but it really shouldn’t come to this. Surely if you have the strength to lug a rucksack full of fizzy drinks, crisps and other crap around, then taking the rubbish with should be easy work.

Apparantly not.

Anyhow, our photographer Russ Burton  bumped in to the landowner  who was out walking and got chatting about the rights of the land. Turns out he doesn’t mind bikers being there-  as encouraging an active lifestyle isn’t a bad thing- but he made two statements;

1; No more trees, branches or anything else should be cut down- bar removing deadwood etc

2; Rubbish absolutely must be removed.

Otherwise, riders will lose the land they’ve been enjoying for so long. 

Not much to ask now, is it?


I think we can all take note of this, as I’m sure there are dozens of riding spots that suffer the same problem. Don’t leave it for someone else to deal with- take charge and you could reap the benefits…