Tyre tinkering on the Commencal…


Given that the Commencal’s suspension works so well, I don’t need the grippiest tyres around- especially at this time of year when the trails are rolling as fast as they are at the moment.
I’ve been running the Intense System 4 tyres- and still am… on my other wheelset, but fancy trying a few others- starting here…
My old Mavic Crossmax XL’s are a great bench for trying out new tubeless systems without the hassle of rim strip systems- so I’ve got in a pair of Hutchinson Pirahnas, in 2.3 for large air volume, but in the dual compound XC Marathon guise.


Most people know I’m a fan of Hutchinson tyres, so it’s no suprise that yet another pair are going to get ridden- except I’ve always ridden the MRC Medium compound as nothing else out there has such high grip for the way I ride- for a fairly light tyre. This time venturing to the high compound (50% rebound rubber) with softer (40% rebound) rubber on the shoulders should prove interesting as I’m going to try two set-ups.
The thing I liked about the MRC medium rubber is that you can run high pressures making it roll well, without losing much grip- in fact the solid shoulders had the perfect ‘give’ on the MRC Medium compound. Being a harder compound, the harder shoulder on these tyres won’t corner quite as well at harder pressures, but the harder compound should give me the chance to run slightly lower pressures for similar grip and rolling resistance.
If you get me.
Needless to say I’ll be comparing between these and the MRC medium compound with various pressures to see what works best for me. I’ll keep you in the loop- first ride is before work tomorrow, I’ve got a nice little 15k burner that can be fitted in without having to peel myself out of bed too early.

Here’s a shot of the Meta with the Crossmax wheels and the dual colour Hutchinson tyres- what do you reckon?
I think it looks kind of garish in a cool factory way. Hmmmm…