Wet, cold and hungry, with added Titanium..

Often on photoshoots we're exposed to the bad weather, but a shoot last Friday was the wettest we'd had in a long time.

When we arrived it was raining so hard that it hurt- so we backed our two vans up against each other and used the boot doors to make a shelter while we sorted ourselves out. In the time it took us to get a few bikes ready, a huge puddle had collected, covering the whole road.

It only too kabout half hour for this puddle to rock up!
It only took about half hour for this puddle to rock up!: it only too kabout half hour for this puddle to rock up!

As well as shooting a bunch of bikes for First Rides, and some products for Wrecked and Rated and Stuff, we were there to shoot Superbike with Sam Humphrey and Nick Larsen of Charge Bikes. You’ll have to wait to see the bike in a future issue of the mag, but let’s just say that the bike is one of the pimpest builds we’ve seen in a long time- and it includes some very special wheels… With the weather not letting up, Nick offered the use of his office as a shelter, and arranged with the farmer for us to use some of the barns to get the rest of our products shot. 

We know where it is- do you?
We know where it is- do you?: we know where it is- do you?

With the promise of tea and biscuits, we packed up and navigated our way towards Radstock’s infamous Recreation Ground and the home of Charge bikes. Except all the roads we needed to use were flooded- so we took the highest route we could, and were faced with water at headlight depth. We managed to just about get through the floods, although there were a few hairy moments with water coming over the bonnet of our trusty MBUK Citroen Dispatch. The good old girl didn’t let us down… 

This was the shallow puddle!
This was the shallow puddle…: this was the shallow puddle!
It may look cosy, but it was baltic!
It may look cosy, but it was baltic!: it may look cosy, but it was baltic!

Arriving at Charge Bikes HQ, we got shooting whilst the weather turned and gave us snow instead- and baltic tempretures, so I took advantage of Nick’s hospitality and sat down with him to talk shop. Nick Larsen is a true believer in Hardtail frames, hence his ‘Hardtails Rule’ propaganda- but I’m a firm believer in suspension being the right way of travelling off-road at speed. Our debate went on so long that Nick convinced me it’s a good idea to get back on a hardtail and remember how much fun riding was when I began by waving a Charge Ti Duster under my nose. That’s right, I’m now the slightly sceptical but excited ‘owner’ of a Titanium hardtail. It should be a really good project bike for me, and it will totally take me back to my roots- watch this space…

Nick gets to work
Every charge duster has stickers put on by hand. ..: nick gets to work