What was rad in 2008

The MBUK crew look back at an incredible year

When you think back over 2008 what are your highlights?


Pinning it with your mates? Watching your favourite riders get better and better? Picking up a shiny new steed?

We asked the MBUK crew what made it for them…


  • Sam Hill’s run at the Worlds. I’ve never seen someone chuck themselves down a mountain on a bike so fast.
  • Our 20th Anniversary – very special to still be at the forefront of UK mountain biking after all this time.
  • Meeting Greg Minnaar’s best mate in the Grog ‘n’ Gruel in Fort William and being entertained by his crazy, drunken watch-smashing antics.
  • Riding in the Kona Mash-Up at Afan in late August – despite having a bit of a tumble.


  • Dry and bright weather at the Fort William World Cup round – who’d have thought it possible!
  • The Athertons’ world domination on the DH scene.
  • The day after the day after the work Christmas party – my head still hurts!
  • My new longterm fleet of steeds for 09’ – awesome.


  • The BikeRadar.com Demo Days – it was great to see so many enthusiastic, passionate riders in one place.
  • Writing, recording and gigging with my band El Wristo – and possibly being the first band to write a song about a dirt jumper…
  • Running 10k in aid Cancer Research (and raising more than £700 in the process).
  • Spending a week surfing in Devon/Cornwall during the only sunny week of the year!


  • The World Champs, where we showed the world what a huge depth of talent this little island of our has. Gee – Gold, Rachel – Gold, Bryceland – Gold, Peat – Silver. Say no more.
  • The return of the Red Bull Rampage. After a break of four years, this was a clear indication as to the progression in freeride. Taking it from ‘Huck and Buck’ stuntmen, to incredible athletes performing with style, grace and massive kahunas!
  • Lee Bertram winning the Masters World Championships. Just a few weeks after the main World Championships, Lee Bertram took his bike out of the shed, where it has been in retirement all season and spanked some huge names in downhill, adding to the tally of golden gongs for the UK in 2008.
  • Sam Pilgrim. Almost out of nowhere, Sam rocked up and schooled the established riders, winning more events that any other rider this year with big tricks, individual style and purple rims!
  • Trek’s Session 88 FR. The best bike to be released during 2008. A new application for their ABP (active braking pivot) technology truly found its home. With spot on shock tune, awesome geometry, lightweight and an affordable price tag, this bike is the don of 2008, and may well be of 2009 too.


  • A cyclist winning Sports Personality of the Year, even if it wasn’t Rachel or Gee.
  • Scoring £15,000 worth of prizes for the MBUK 20th anniversary issue, and seeing all that loot come into the office.
  • Having my baby girl – even if it meant no riding all year. (…gotta get back on it in 09).
  • Watching Jamer, Ian and Doddy struggle through deadline the day after the Christmas party.


  • Gee and Rachel Atherton- World Champs. 
  • Tearing my arms off playing Cat and Mouse with Cal at Whistler. 
  • Seeing the Atherton’s clear up at Andorra WC. 
  • Re-discovering my inner self with purifying hardtail riding, on my Titanium Charge. Ahem. 
  • Rachel Atherton riding like a man, but looking very much like a lady. Growl. 
  • Dan Atherton smoking Brian Lopes at Andorra by hitting the man size jump. 
  • JD Swanguen smoking Brian Lopes, whilst wearing his Dad’s t-shirt, his sisters jeans and a canoeing helmet. 
  • Nathan Rennie’s hair cuts. All of them. 
  • Nathan Rennie’s facial growths. All of them.

Now tell us yours…