What’s your favourite bike shop?

In the day and age of Internet shopping, it’s easy to forget just how good some shops are, and how much help you can get from the specialists that work there…

I’ve been to a hell of a lot of bike shops around the country- some are huge, and others are tiny, but they all have their own place and offer their own service.


Some of my favourite shops are tiny little old shops, stacked to the ceilings with cool stuff- but we have one very special local shop- Mud Dock Cycleworks in Bristol.

And it’s huge.

Downstairs is the well-equipped retail and workshop area, complete with Juice bar for a health kick when out shopping. Or is it really to keep the other half from moaning whilst you spend your dosh on bike lux?


Next door to the shop is the great bike storage idea dubbed Bristol Bike Shed. It’s essentially a lock up for commuters- costing £2 a day including locker (or £4.50 with shower).

The best thing about it though, is the fact that you can have your bike serviced whilst at work, and it will be ready for you when you ride home…


But the piece de resistance of the Mud Dock Cycleworks is the Mud Dock Café and bar upstairs. The food is fantastic, the drinks are varied and the waitresses are more than easy on the eye.


That’s my current favourite Bike shop. What’s yours?