Where will Trek land in ’08?

Which ProTour team will they sponsor, if any? The deadline is November 30...

Time is running out for Trek to decide on which ProTour team, if any, they’ll sponsor in 2008. The question is: will they make the obvious choice, and continue a successful run with Johan Bruyneel? We want to hear from YOU.


Okay, here’s the latest: Lance Armstrong decides to bail out of the professional race management scene after winning eight Tours de France with Tailwind Sports. The title sponsor, Discovery Channel, changed CEOs partway through the year, and the new guy didn’t see the benefit of sponsoring a pro cycling team. Co-owner and general manager Bruyneel announces his retirement, then gets lured to take over the embattled Team Astana weeks later. He signs up for three years, eventually taking several Discovery riders and management with him, including 2007 Tour de France winner Alberto Contador and third-place finisher Levi Leipheimer. SRAM is so excited that they sign a three-year deal for the bikeless team to use SRAM Red components regardless.

Somewhere in Wisconsin, Trek must be wondering ‘should we go with Johan? He’s done fairly well for us since 1999…’

So, what do you think? Will Trek become the bike sponsor for Team Astana and roll Contador and Leipheimer to the 2008 Tour de France podium? Or are there surprises around the corner for Bruyneel & Co? The UCI deadline for ProTour sponsorship is November 30…


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