Will Gym fix it for me?

As 2009 looms large, hands up if your New Year’s resolutions haven’t been realised?

I’ve actually gone up a size, not down!

Ah, failed New Year’s resolutions.  Hands up if this is also you?


Last New Year’s Eve, I made a promise to reduce my waist size from 39 inches down to 34 inches after stubbornly buying some new shorts that would only have fit me when I was thinner.  

Ten months on, it’s time for an update.  And, the news is bad, very bad…

The excuses fall neatly into valid: Life has been hectic at work and at home, with long hours and family commitments.  And, not so valid: My sofa is more comfortable than my saddle.   

Knowing that I’ll look a prize fool if my resolution fails, I’ve given my self a proverbial kick up the backside, with a cunning weight loss solution. And, strangely for a cyclist, it doesn’t involve bicycles.

The solution came to me on the sofa.  Whilst hunting around in my wallet for the video shop card (I don’t just sit on the sofa, I do constructive things whilst there, you know!), I came across my rather unused gym membership card.  

Going to the gym tackles the valid excuse of not having enough free time.

  • Intensive short workouts (that are less time consuming) in the gym can equal more calorie burning than my ‘keeping up a chat’ lengthier cycling workouts.  
  • Gym work can also help with building core strength, thereby meaning I can cycle for longer, or at a greater intensity, as well, when I do get out on the bike.
  • And, for those with less time and a tighter budget, you can also do gym exercises at home

It’s beginning to pay off, too:

“I’ve lost a few pounds (weight, not just money!) in a couple of weeks already by going to the gym three times a week for half an hour.


Which is more than I can say from ten months seated on the mountain bike and sofa.