WIN! A Revell jump bike and Pro Tec gear

Over £900 worth of top prizes to be won

The Revell Throttle could be yours...

We know how much you guys love bikes. Heck, we can barely sleep sometimes with all those frames, and bars, and wheels and whatnot going round in our heads.


But wouldn’t it be nice to stop dreaming about new kit once in a while and just be happy with what you’ve got? Well, now you can do both – if you’re the winner of our second competition this month.

We’re giving away a Revell Throttle jump bike, worth £649.99 and all the Pro Tec gear you’ll need to keep yourself safe. That means you’ll get an Auger full face helmet, IPS back protector and Pinner knee and elbow guards, worth a total of £260.

Missed the lowdown on our first comp? Find out all about our French riding holiday courtesy of The White Room chalet here and get entering!


To enter the comp turn to page 46 of this month’s mag for the full lowdown or enter online at