World Mountain Bike Championships – Day 3

Day three and I went up to check out the downhill. Man it is evil!

With a day before 4X practice gets going I decided to head up the hill and check out what all the fuss was about on the downhill track. Man that thing is evil.


There’s no let up from top to bottom. Roots, rocks, holes, off-camber and more roots… Did I mention the roots? 

The junior men were on the hill practising and the range of ability was huge, with the British boys looking like the best on the hill so far. Although a couple of Frenchies and the odd Aussie were (not surprisingly) looking on the pace as well. 

Most of the pictures I took are looking up some of the gnarliest sections of track, the camera flattens everything out but hopefully they give you a good idea what the riders are dealing with. 

This was the track after a day drying out in the sun, in the rain it’s on another level. Seeding is later for all downhill riders so we will soon see who’s got the skills! 

Come on the Brits…