Zaskar winner clears off with bike!

Ben Ellis finally put us out of our misery today when he collected his one-in-a-million Super-Bike from MBUK Towers!

Competition prizes don’t come much better than the GT Zaskar re-issue Super Bike from our 20th Anniversary Issue. It was planned, constructed and fondled deep in the heart of, em, Bath by our very own Doddy.


The re-issue Zaskar is a strictly limited run of original spec frames in homage to the bike that changed the face of mountain biking.

Featuring one-off parts from Hope, custom RockShox and original Panaracer Smoke and Dart tires alongside a whole host of top-line parts this was one of the best prizes the MTB world had ever seen. There was only ever going to be one lucky reader/jammy sod and that man was Ben Ellis from Lancashire.

After travelling the 3 hours from ‘oop north’ Ben couldn’t believe his luck; “I’ve never won anything before and this is just amazing!”

So along with his new uber-ride Ben got a certificate of authenticity (to prove that we hadn’t just found it under Jamer’s desk) and a box full of MBUK clobber. We also went the whole ten yards and threw in a pint and a pizza too!

We were worried that Doddy may take it to a car-park-based knife fight but thankfully he let the Zaskar go quite gracefully; “It’s just nice to see it going to someone who really appreciates it. Ben loves his hardtails and as hardtails go you won’t find a better one than this.”


Congratulations again to Ben and don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog and future issues for all the latest and greatest mountain bike competitions!