10 cheap Christmas gifts for cyclists

Christmas presents for bike folk on a budget

Need a bike-themed gift for your favourite cyclists but have a limited budget? This is the guide for you. We’ve rounded up ten extremely affordable presents for road cyclists and mountain bikers.


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Cyclogical Gripster

Your walls will thank you for buying the Gripster

Does your beloved leave their bike leant up against the wall? Are you tired of handlebar marks on the walls or the darned thing just falling over and getting in the way?

The Gripster is a deceptively simple device which fits onto both flat and drop bars, and stops your bike from slipping and falling over or damaging your decor.

It includes a magnet so it will stick to ferrous surfaces, but it works well on normal wall surfaces too thanks to its rubbery material and the magic of friction.

  • £9 (selected colours just £5.99) / $12 / AU$16

The Cycling Cartoonist: an Illustrated Guide to Life on Two Wheels

Dave Walker’s cartoons are an absolute delight

Even if you don’t know Dave Walker’s name, you’ve probably seen his cycling cartoons. 

His distinctive work beautifully captures the everyday pleasures of riding bikes, as well as the minor absurdities. 

  • £10.99 / $15

Michelin tyre levers

Michelin’s tyre levers are simple and highly effective

Tyre levers are like five pound notes — you can never have too many of them. 

Michelin’s yellow levers are a bit of a classic. Their near-flat design makes them particularly good at getting under tight tyre beads, they’re hard to break, and they take up minimal space in your back pocket. Why wouldn’t you?

  • From £6.78 / $16.47

Hackney GT Alpine socks

Yule not regret this choice of socks
Hackney GT

You can’t go wrong with socks at Christmas, because everyone needs them, and cyclists are obsessed with them.

Hackney GT offers a range of cheerful footwear, including these particularly festive socks. If other parts of your body are chilly, it does hats and neck warmers too.

  • £10 / $13 / AU$17

Park Tool TRY-1 tray

The Park TRY-1 is useful for both work and play
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media

Perfect for keeping track of bits and bobs, or beverage portage, the Park TRY-1 is the perfect present for people you’ve already given that pizza cutter.

  • £19.99 / $19.95

TrailMaps.co.uk prints

Do you fancy seeing your favourite rides immortalised as art?
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media

Have you had a transcendent experience on a mountain climb? Or do you just love your local trails?

TrailMaps.co.uk offers these stylish graphical renditions of the places you love to ride, including Tour climbs such as Ventoux, numerous trail centres, and more.

We love the detail on these prints
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media

As well as ready-made designs, it offers custom prints based on your own GPS files.

  • Print only: £15 / $20 / AU$26
  • Custom prints from: £35 / $78 / AU$134

Cycology boxer shorts

Everyone needs underwear, so it might as well be cycling-themed

Much like socks, everyone needs underwear, so why not showcase your bestie’s buns in some bicycle-themed boxers?

Cycology offers a huge range of designs along with other kit (men’s and women’s) for both on and off the bike.

  • £15 / $19.95 / AU$29.95

Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite

We love a good tool at BikeRadar

The Ratchet Rocket Lite is a tiny, portable toolkit which includes a very nicely made ratchet spanner, a useful set of bits, an extension and two tyre levers.

  • £25.99 / $30 / AU$48.58

DeFeet E-Touch Dura Hi-Vis gloves

DeFeet’s gloves are a Euro classic

DeFeet’s versatile gloves are a staple of the Euro roadie’s wardrobe, and for good reason.

They’re not ideal for all conditions — you’ll want something heavier duty when it’s properly wet — but they work well in a wide range of temperatures.

The latest E-Touch version is designed to work with touchscreens, and there’s a choice of colours to cater to all tastes.

  • From £19.99 / $27.13 / AU$37.34

Backcountry Research Tulbag

The Tulbag is one classy little bag
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

The Tulbag (or “Tülbag”, to give it its proper name) is the ultimate zippered pouch for your back pocket. The huge zipper pull is glove-friendly, while a grippy back ensures it won’t escape your custody when you’re giving it the beans up a grippy col. Beard not included.

  • $16 / AU$27