Bamboo Bicycle Club first ride – video

Handmade bike gets the BikeRadar treatment

We recently received a bike from Bamboo Bicycle Club and BikeRadar‘s Joe Norledge was the lucky guy who got to give it a go. So how did it feel riding something that’s mostly made from a member of the grass family?


It would be churlish to try and measure a bike like this against a state of the art carbon machine – that’s not the point of one of these rides. Forget the tiny flaws and rough look to the build – that’s a huge part of the charm.

To get one of these bamboo beauties you go on a two-day course to make your own (although home-build kits are now available too).

Have a watch of the video below and see what we made from the custom bicycle.

How did we find our new bamboo bike? watch and find out

Video: Bamboo Bicycle Club


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