Five things for five years: Joe’s all-time tech

Videographer Joe Norledge shares his favourite pieces of kit from the past five years

We said a sad farewell to Reuben a couple of weeks ago, who left us a parting gift in the form of a video about his favourite bikes and kit from his time at BikeRadar.


Joe looks back at his all-time favourite tech

Reuben’s parting video left Joe reminiscing about his own five years with us (don’t worry, he’s not going anywhere!), so he’s come up with own list of favourites to share.

In this video, Joe looks back at a big and expensive hardtail that he was lucky enough to test long-term last year, a very specific set of MTB tyres with a discontinued tread pattern, an array of road pedals from a rather well-known Japanese brand, a particular power meter that’s allowed him to get super nerdy about tracking his watts and, finally, something that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.


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