Pro Bikes: Tracy Mosely and Justin Leov’s Remedy 29ers

Comparing and contrasting the Enduro World Series race leaders’ bikes

With just three events left to go in this year’s Enduro World Series, Tracy Moseley and Justin Leov lead the women’s and men’s open categories. While both Trek Factory Racing athletes share many of the same sponsors and race on Trek’s Remedy 29, their bikes are markedly different.


We’re going to break from our traditional pro bike format in order to take a closer look at these two similar, yet very different — and equally effective — enduro race bike setups. 

Different Remedies for the same task

Moseley and Leov both choose to run Trek’s 140mm-travel 29er trail bike, the Remedy 29, over the 160mm-travel 27.5in Slash. The results speak for themselves, as the larger wheels and modest rear suspension don’t seem to be holding either racer back.

The bikes are nearly stock 9.9-level frames with a few small changes. Both feature Trek’s OCLV carbon front triangles and carbon seatstays. Moseley is running the stock alloy chainstays, while Leov has been testing carbon chainstays that might make it onto the top-end production model next year.

Tracey moseley rides stands 165cm / 5’4” tall and rides a size 17.5in frame:

The 165cm / 5’4” Moseley rides a 17.5in frame

Justin leov stands 180cm / 5’9” tall and rides 19.5in frame:

Justin Leov stands 180cm / 5’9” tall and rides the 19.5in Remedy 29

Rear suspension

Both riders have custom rocker links that allow them to run shocks other than the stock Fox DRCV rear shock. Moseley uses the Fox Float X shock, but Leov’s set-up is a bit more unique.

Moseley runs the fox float x rear shock:

Moseley runs the Fox Float X with the EVOL air sleeve, which increase the volume of the negative air chamber

Thanks to enduro racing, coil shocks are seeing a resurgence. Fox did a bit of custom work for Leov, adding a user-friendly low-speed compression adjuster to his DHX 2 coil shock. This allows him to quickly firm up the suspension for transition stages. “It’s super easy to turn on and off,” Leov said. “It’s made a big difference in my riding.”