Quiz: women’s bike or Impulse body spray?

Nice bike! The name, on the other hand...

Women's bike, or a type of perfume deodorant? You decide!

Bike naming is an art form. What you call your new range of bikes, as a bike brand, says a lot about your target market and the purpose for which the bike was intended. If it’s a road bike, maybe you choose something that evokes speed. A mountain bike? How about something that shouts adventure and adrenaline? 


With the growth in women’s cycling comes a parallel growth in products designed and produced for female cyclists. There are now more bikes than ever being developed with women in mind from the get-go, rather than as an afterthought, as has often been the case historically. 

So what do you call a bike that’s designed for women? Something empowering, inspirational and engaging, right? Or how about something that might, just might, be mistaken for a body spray? 

We find ourselves asking what exactly the thought process was behind the naming of some models, as rather than conjuring up visions of speed, adventurous rides, or even fresh air and spinning wheels, they remind us more of high street perfumes à la Impulse, the popular brand of scented body sprays beloved of teenage girls around the world. 

For those who might be unaware of the significance of Impulse, it was a range of ‘perfume deodorants’ launched in the late 1970s. Available on the high street and supermarket shelf, they were and still are very popular. Marketed under the slogan ‘act on Impulse’, the range encompassed scents such as ‘Vanilla Kiss’, ‘Tease’, ‘Instant Crush’ and ‘Why Not’. Guys, think Lynx or Axe but for women. 

So we thought we’d put it to the test in a little quiz. Are you looking at the name of a model of women’s bike, or a special edition Impulse body spray?


On the upside…

There are some bike models with names we can totally get behind, such as the Liv Embolden, and plenty of other names that are cool, interesting or downright inspiring such as the Juliana Furtado, named after Juli Furtado, Olympian and pioneer of women’s mountain biking. 


Got any others to add? Pop them in the comments below!