Save £150 on a pair of Sidi Shot road shoes (UK only)

Unique adjustable heel closure and Italian craftsmanship

The Sidi Shot shoes have advanced heel adjustability and are currently £150 off retail at Merlin Cycles

We gave these shoes a 4-star review when they first came our way, and featured them in our list of the best road shoes for 2019.


They feature some advanced technology, including the adjustable heel closure, allowing you to get the perfect fit. On top of this they’re super stiff and incorporate two Techno 3 Push System dials for micro-adjustability.

One other aspect that makes these shoes stand out against the others in our best road shoes list is the price tag. At retail they’re by far the most expensive, at £349.


However, if that’s the only thing that’s been holding you back from grabbing a pair, then you’re in luck. Merlin Cycles is currently selling them for an amazing £199.99. That’s a 43 percent saving, or £150 that stays in your pocket.