These stunning cycling images aren’t photographs

Hyper-real hand-drawn art inspired by mountain biking

Have a look at these stunning images, then look closer. They may look like great black and white photographs with some clever Photoshop editing, but they’re not. They’re hand-drawn pencil sketches, by a very talented artist with a love of mountain biking.


The drawings are the work of pencil artist Mark Everson. Each drawing takes days to produce. Literally days; just doing the outline on some of the images he’s produced takes 10 hours or more.

This is not a photograph
Instagram / Mark Everson

Precision, patience and a very steady hand are important skills, and Everson painstakingly plans out his images before adding stunningly detailed shading to produce the depth and tone that makes the images almost indistinguishable from photographs.

The detail gives you both a sense of the scale Everson works on, and the attention to detail
Instagram / Mark Everson

Everson is also a keen mountain biker, and has put his talent into producing these incredible photo realistic images inspired by his love of the sport.

Painstaking work, which requres a whole lot of patience
Instagram / Mark Everson

If you do fancy putting your creative skills to use in the world of hyper-real mountain bike art (or indeed any subject matter you fancy), then Everson has some handy tips to get you started.

  1. Patience. If you’re getting frustrated that a drawing is taking too long, you need to slow down!
  2. Patience. Do you complete drawings in less than ten hours? The outline of this piece took 10 hours.
  3. Patience. Double check everything, proportions, dimensions, values, etc!
  4. Patience. If you can finish a fairly good drawing on Monday, you could probably finish a fantastic drawing on Friday!
  5. Subject matter. If you decide to draw a bike gear component pick a single speed model!

Are you spotting a theme emerging?


If you want to see more of Everson’s work, then pop over to his Instagram account or Facebook page.