Birzman debuts quick-change Snap-it pump head, new suspension pumps

Presta-only pump head function like a quick-release drill chuck

Birzman's new Presta-only Snap-it pump head functions like a quick-release drill chuck. Simply pull back the gold-anodized collar, slide the head on to the valve, let go of the collar, and you have an airtight connection. You can give the whole thing a slight turn if you want more security. To remove the valve, simply reverse the process.

Birzman will include the Snap-it as a running change on all new pumps.

Like it sounds, Birzman's Snap-it pump head snaps right on

Also new for 2014 are ultra-compact suspension pumps for home or trailside use. The gauge-equipped Zacoo Zama and the smaller and lighter Zacoo Macht feature aluminum bodies and no-leak heads. Both are rated up to 300psi.

Roadies, on the other hand, get the new Velocity Road and RG mini-pumps, built with hidden telescoping hoses, the new Snap-it valve, and optional in-line gauges rated up to 160psi.

Unfortunately, Birzman products still aren't available in the United States, but brand manager Nico Ferreira hopes to change that by the end of 2013.

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