Endurance Conspiracy: shirts for cyclists - Sea Otter 2013

From Chewbacca on a bike to Jimi Hendrix/Eddy Merckx mash-ups

While some cyclists enjoy wearing T-shirts that promote a particular event or certain brand, Endurance Conspiracy is finding that many riders are happy to buy shirts that just promote riding bikes in a non-preachy way.

Now in its fifth year, Endurance Conspiracy boasts a deep catalog of fun designs, most of which are sketched by former pro athlete Tony DeBoom.

You can ride SRAM or Shimano and still wear this shirt. Really

"We just brought on another designer, a South American artists, who is going to bring some surf-inspired styles that we're really excited about," said Eliza DeBoom, wife of Tony and a partner in the company.

Endurance Conspiracy sells the shirts online for $30 with free shipping in the US.

Check out the gallery at above right for a few samples, or visit Endurance Conspiracy's website for the complete line.

A cyclist's map of europe:
A cyclist's map of europe:
A cyclist's view of the continent

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