Essential bike maintenance tips, tricks and how-tos

Keep your bike in top condition with our expert advice

Learning to maintain your bike won't only save you money because it's cheaper than taking it into a shop every time you need something done, but could save you a long walk when out on a ride, too.

What level of bike maintenance expertise you aim for is up to you.

Having just the basic skills can be enough to get you home if your bike has an unexpected problem when you're out on a ride, while tackling bigger tasks will save you more money and give you a real sense of achievement when you fix things that you previously thought were beyond you.

Dare we say those moments of mechanical intimacy will bring you closer to your bike?

Whether you want to know if it's time to replace your bike chain or how to service your freehub, or you've had a knock and you're after advice on how to straighten a bent mech hanger, you'll find the guides you need below.

Remember — look after your bike and your bike will look after you.

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