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Latest on Canyon's road, time trial and mountain bikes

Canyon bikes has become one of Europe’s most popular brands in recent years. The German company consistently scores highly in bike reviews, thanks to a compelling mix of excellent performance and great looks, at a keen price. And if you like muted paint jobs, you’ll be glad to hear that nearly all models come in black and/or grey.

Who is Canyon?

The company has a long and interesting history: in 1985, founder Roman Arnold and his brother Franc started importing bike parts from Italy, selling them out of a well-used trailer at races around Germany under the name ‘Radsport Arnold’.

Canyon embraced a direct-to-consumer model in the late 1990s, bypassing bike shops by selling bikes on the internet

The brothers decided to embrace a direct-to-consumer model in the late 1990s, bypassing bike shops by selling Canyon bikes on the internet, and cutting out the middle man. The company was renamed Canyon Bicycles in 2003, based in the city of Koblenz, and started hiring frame designers, engineers and other experts.

In the decade that followed, Canyon rode the wave of internet retail, selling bikes to countries around the world and winning a reputation for excellent bikes at low prices. By 2015, Canyon had over 700 employees.

The company suffered a blow to its reputation in 2015 when it opened a new assembly facility in Koblenz and had significant problems with the new IT infrastructure, causing significant delays for customer deliveries. These problems now appear to have been rectified.

What Canyon bikes are there?

Canyon has a wide range of road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrids
Canyon has a wide range of road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrids

Today Canyon produces a comprehensive range of road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes and time trial bikes.

For road cyclists there are three different frames available: the endurance-focused Endurace, the aero-optimised Aeroad and an all-round-racer called the Ultimate. There are now disc brake versions of all these bikes, and there’s also a cyclocross platform called InFlite.

For mountain bikers, there is a wide range available: you’ve got an alloy hardtail called the Grand Canyon, a carbon hardtail called the Exceed, a full-sus XC bike called the Lux, a trail bike called the Neuron and a longer-travel model called the Spectral.

There’s also an enduro model called the Strive, a downhill race bike called the Sender, and a dirt jumping model called the Stitched.

For triathletes and time triallists, there’s the Speedmax — a bike ridden to back-to-back wins at the Ironman World Champs in Hawaii by Canyon athlete Jan Frodeno in 2015 and 2016.

Finally, for those people wanting a day-to-day bike for riding around town, Canyon also does a smaller range of hybrid bikes: there’s the Canyon Commuter, Urban and Roadlite.

Does Canyon make anything besides bikes?

Yes, its website sells a small selection of Canyon-branded accessories and clothing, including backpacks, cleaning products, water bottles and cages, bar tape and mudguards/fenders.

Where are Canyon bikes available?

You can’t buy Canyon bikes from a bike shop, only via the Canyon website, or by visiting the company in Koblenz.

Its website sells to a larger number of countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australasia and Central/South America. The one big exception is the United States, but Canyon says that it plans to launch in the US later in 2017.

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