Save 41% on a Fenwicks Essential Bike Cleaning Kit with our Daily Deals (UK only)

Wash the winter muck away and get your bike ready for spring

If you’ve been braving the elements this winter, your bike might be looking a little worse for wear. So why not give it a spruce up with the Fenwicks Essential bike cleaning and lubrication kit, which currently has 41 percent off at Merlin Cycles?

The kit includes 1-litre of bike cleaner, 95ml of concentrated bike cleaner, and 100ml of chain lube. It should be all you need to get rid of the winter crust and get your bike back to its usual happy self. 

Fenwicks cleaning products are biodegradable and don’t rely on solvents or acids, meaning it’s safe to use across all frame finishes — whether that's matt, carbon or gloss.

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