Resolve to start cycling in 2017

A collection of articles to help get you on a bike - and have fun riding it

We all make resolutions of one kind or another and many of them can seem a bit miserable… eat less cake, drink less alcohol, work smarter, see more of your in-laws and so on. 

But if you've resolved to start cycling, whether you're a lapsed rider or you're new to all things two-wheeled, you're in for a massive treat. If there's a better way to get fit while seeing the world, socialising and having a great time, or a better way to simply get around the place, we've yet to find it.

Below you'll find a growing selection of guides to help you buy the right bike, find the right kit, keep everything running properly and ride the best way. They will cover the main disciplines of riding — road, commuting and mountain — and explain the jargon that can be so daunting to new riders. Bookmark this article and keep checking back for updates.

We wish you all the best for 2017. May much of it be spent on a bike.

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