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The BikeRadar team know how difficult it is to buy Christmas presents for cyclists – they've either got it already, don't need it or want it in a different colour or with a different logo on it. That's why we've developed a list of goodies to make the decision easier.

From bike-hanging hardware to tools and clothing, there's plenty listed below. Take a few minutes to think about what you'd like, or maybe what would make a good gift for that special someone who, like you, eats, sleeps and dreams about bikes.

There's plenty of winter left after Christmas (except in San Francisco, where our US office is based), so we've included a DVD, a snazzy scarf and hat combo, some fruit and blinky lights. Our Christmas book reviews may also give you some ideas if it's just too grim to venture outside.

Tusk Mammoth 300

Beating the thieves needn't cost a fortune with this bike storage anchor that has an in-built security hoop.

  • Price: £18.64/$27.65
  • Contact: Tusk

Swobo Double Whammy beanie & scarf combo

From the San Francisco-based wool lovers comes this Where's Waldo?-looking beanie and scarf combination to ward off the cold this winter.

  • Price: £27/$39.99
  • Contact: Swobo

RSP LAA875 rear light

Pushing out an admirable amount of light from five LEDs, this is a basic rear light that works well. 

  • Price: £6.99/$10.35
  • Contact: Raleigh

Revolution Vision Ultraslim front light

Very good front light for being seen and at a rather good price too.

Livestrong yellow wristband

There may be 75 million of these around the world, but to any bike geek worth his or her salt, there's always room for a few more. Affordable, wearable, and for a good cause.

Steady Eddie Bikes' 'The Steady'

Children learn to ride faster and in more safety if they are introduced to the sport through crankless and stabiliser-less bikes, and the Steady Eddie is probably the best wooden 'scoot bike' out there.

Ogio Hip Hop messenger bag

Stylish bag that's at home at the airport and on the bike. It's best for occasional bike use but works well as a laptop bag and airline hand luggage too.

Bell Vela women's helmet

A fully-featured lightweight lid at an astonishing price. With removable visor, easily adjustable, clip-in chin strap, 'ergo dial-fit' cradle for the back of your head and ample padding, it undercuts many helmets four or five times as expensive.

Helly Hansen Charger Half-Zip baselayer

A good base layer is essential for cold weather riding - everyone should own at least one. The base layers from Norwegian outdoor clothing masters Helly Hansen have been some of our favourites since the dawn of biking and this, the Charger Half-Zip, is another great garment out of their stable.

  • Price: £35/$51.80 (doesn't include Doddy)
  • Contact: Helly Hansen

Crud Raceguard rear mudguard

Simple to fit, effective and great quality mudguard.

  • Price: £14.50/$21.46
  • Contact: Crud

CamelBak Podium water bottle

Camelbak has improved the humble water bottle with a soft, lockable mouthpiece, better seal and materials that don't affect the taste of your drink. It's twice the price of a regular bottle, but worth it.

Seasons DVD

Sixty minutes of jaw-dropping riding in the world’s top locations, combined with some of the best cinematography going. Plus loads of extras including a ‘making of’ section that’s as interesting as the movie itself.

  • Price: £19.99/$29.59
  • Contact: Paligap

Topeak Mini 9 multi-tool

If you're looking for a lightweight tool, this operates like a heavyweight. The quality is superb and the tolerances are great - it's a truly nice piece of kit.

  • Price: £12/$17.76
  • Contact: Topeak

Swobo pedal & track nut wrench

Designed by Sky Yaeger and made by Park Tool, the ideal gift for fixie riders and bottled beverage drinkers.

  • Price: £13.50/$19.99
  • Contact: Swobo

Blackburn Mammoth 2Stage pump

Looking for monster-sized inflating power and minimal bulk but don’t want to bother with CO2 cartridges? Blackburn’s new Mammoth 2Stage mini-pump may be the answer.

A mandarin

For those who don't want to spend much during the festive period, a mandarin is the perfect gift. Tasty, juicy, sweet and nourishing. What more could you ask for?

  • Price: £0.10p/$0.15
  • Contact: Local supermarket/grocers
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