Trimetals Protect A Cycle review£499.00

Super-secure metal store for three bikes

BikeRadar score4/5

The Protect A Cycle is the first bike store to be awarded the police’s Secured By Design mark, as well as a security rating of 1 from the Loss Prevention Certification Board.

It comes flat packed, and you’ll need several hours and a drill to build and secure it to a flat concrete base. There’s a comprehensive manual on the website and all the fixings are included. You’ll need to screw it down though, because it’s not so heavy once in place.

The design is superb: riveted, galvanised steel panels with a floor insert that covers the fixing bolts and is secured itself by another two bolts and a ground anchor.

It comes with the anchor, two Oxford padlocks – though it’s possible to affix four – another for the inside and a Kryptonite flex cable.

These only reach Sold Secure Silver standard, when some insurance policies demand Gold for expensive bikes, though they might make an exception for the whole Protect a Cycle package.

It would certainly take a conscientious, tooled-up thief considerable time to get in and get away, especially if the cable has been upgraded to a tougher chain.

An included weather strip keeps the elements out, though rainwater clinging to the front face has a tendency to drip inside the box once it’s opened.

It’s unobtrusive and a doddle to use: unbolt, and swing the sprung door up. It easily fits three road bikes with the bars overlapping, some spare wheels and a track pump, with room to spare. And it’s available in green or cream.

Trimetals protect a cycle: trimetals protect a cycle
Trimetals protect a cycle: trimetals protect a cycle

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