Hollywood F4 Heavy Duty car rack review£97.87

Practical large-capacity solution

BikeRadar score3.5/5

This folding, tubular steel rack is extremely sturdy and takes up to four bikes. It's best used on flat-backed MPVs, but it can also fit saloons.

The bottom support rests on the bumper, obscuring the number plate, while the long arms hold up to four bikes as long as you turn the bars through 90°.

The rack and bikes go on and off easily enough, but you’ll need to fiddle with the straps to fix the bikes tightly and keep them secure while you’re driving. Otherwise they can bash each other.

The fixed support arms aren’t universally bike-friendly, and bikes with sloping top tubes sit awkwardly on the rack. But this is still a good buy if you need this kind of capacity but can’t afford a roof/ towbar rack.

Also check out: Hollywood's F10 High Mount rack — it carries three bikes above the number plate.

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