Knog NERD 12 computer review£59.99

Simple silicon design

BikeRadar score4/5

We're loving Knog’s new stuff at the moment, and this super-simple-to-setup computer is no exception.

The head unit and sensor block both use their trademark surgical-grade silicon casing, with stretchy tail hooking back on to the body to secure them to the fork and bar.

Screw on the wheel magnet (which even fits flat or fat spokes), type in the measured wheel circumference and you’re good to go.

The head unit can be oriented to work on bars or stem, and you can scroll through the functions manually by pressing the whole unit (great if you have cold, numb hands or thick gloves) or let it auto scroll.

The big, easily visible numbers even roll up and over when they change and there’s a backlight that comes in handy for after-hours sessions.

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