Specialized SpeedZone Sport Wireless computer review£34.99

Easy-to-operate unit

BikeRadar score4/5

The most basic model in Specialized’s computer line-up is amazingly simple to install and operate. The head unit bracket fits to the steerer tube of the majority of bikes in seconds and sits tidily above the stem, although you can attach it to the bar if you prefer.

The info on offer is limited to the essential speed and distance stats, although the little bar graph that tells you how closely your current speed compares to your average is a neat feature.

The three-line display is clear and well labelled, the two buttons are easy to hit even with gloved fingers, and you never have to press them more than once to get to any of the readings.

We found powerful LED lights disrupted the signal a tiny amount but shifting it further along the bar sorted that out. We got crosstalk from other sensors too, but only when riding ridiculously close – it’s really not much of an issue.

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