GoPro BacPac camera screen review£89.99

Aftermarket display for the GoPro

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The GoPro has established itself as a user-friendly, bike-friendly camera. Its only problem was a lack of a screen for setting shots up, until now. The top-specced 1,080p GoPro model features a HERO port, specifically for attaching this aftermarket display. Once plugged in, the BacPac is powered by the main battery.

The screen itself is high quality, and there’s a speaker with volume control, power control and a menu button for video and photo playback. It also comes with various casing backs to snap on in place of the regular case. The screen saps the battery, but you only really need it on for setting up and checking shots, so if you turn it off or remove it once you’ve done that, it should be fine.

It only weighs 38g, but we did notice the extra weight when using it on a helmet. We also had problems with it moving on the chest mount unless we tightened things up incredibly tight with pliers. We found it was best to use the screen for setting up, then remove it.

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