Raleigh Micro LED rear light review£5.99

Good back-up light, but not legal on its own in darkness

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Slightly bigger than the end of your thumb and weighing 14g, this blinky LED is tiny.

Its elastic strap loops around a seatpost, seatstay or helmet vent and fastens - in seconds - over a couple of plastic fins, needing no bracket. It stays put well, although a rubberised underside would be even better (I used a sliver of old innertube).

The single LED (steady or flashing) is very bright, albeit not legal for use by itself at night. It's a good backup, though. I used it flashing on my TT bike on gloomier evenings to alert dozy motorists. Uses two CR-2302 batteries (included).

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