Solidlights 1303 review£300.00

They’re not called Solid lights for nothing either

BikeRadar score4/5

Top-dollar LED lights that are lightweight, bright, tough and different from the competition. They offer solid performance, and outstanding build quality, but they're quite expensive.

The housing for these Solid lights is an alloy box with three LEDs giving 1W, 3W and 10W of light. Run time varies on the setting you choose, with 10 hours life at 1W or 1.3 hours at full whack. You can use a second battery (133g) to give you 2hrs 45mins on full power. 

A full charge takes 3-4 hours, although an 80 percent charge takes only 90 minutes. Weight with a single battery is 295g. They’re not called Solid lights for nothing either: the manufacturer drove a car over one with only minor damage, so crash away.

The compact batteries are light enough to attach to the stem without upsetting your bike’s handling.

The square-shaped head unit looks rather bulky. The lights are bright, but they have a yellow tinge which you may not like.

This doesn’t affect the distance of light penetration or the clarity, it just ‘feels’ different to ride into.

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